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  1. Abergavenny Thursdays Football Trust is currently working in Partnership with St Helens Domiciliary Care and Mencap.They are currently starting up Projects at the Club for the benefit of the local Community which will include setting up Disabled and Community Sports Teams,re-vamping the Cafe onsite, and providing Training opportunities ,work-placements and volunteer opportunities for people in the Community, including groups with Learning Disabilities,Mental Health problems and disengaged Youths.Local Groups such as Youth Service,Crime Prevention etc can get involved by working on Projects at the Trust.The ‘Engage Project’ who work with groups of 11-25yr olds have ‘adopted’ an area in the Stadium to re-vamp. Using Art and Graffitti the group will be renovating this area over a 3 week period starting on 12th Nov 11.
    Once the cafe is open to the Public, Training and Job opportunities will be available in Gardening,Football Coaching,Bar Work, Painting and decorating,Groundsmen etc.
    We currently need donations of Materials and paint etc to enable groups to work together and all Donators will have their business logo advertisment painted by the Artist working with the Engage Group ,onto the Wall of the Thursdays Trust Stadium.
    Anyone interested getting involved please contact The Thursdays Football Trust or Eirwen Samuel, St Helens domiciliary care on 01873 857044

  2. How nice to see the local community getting involved. I would also like to personally thank the local businesses that have donated items/Labour to the Thursday project. If any businesses are interested in a five a side please get in touch. Thank you to everyone.

  3. I can’t wait to see this project up and running! It’s not only a great opportunity for individuals with learning difficulties, mental health issues and disengaged youths but also an opportunity to educate the community and promote awareness of these individuals in the hope of tackling and overcoming social exclusion. Like Ray, I would like to thank all the local buisnesses who have donated, you have been a great help! Although we still have one issue to address, that being the name of the cafe so please feel free to post any suggestions you have! 🙂

  4. Yes thankyou to everyone who is helping out. Red Builders of Abergavenny have gone over and above to help this Project by offering to supply materials and building work and deserve a huge Thanks for helping all in the Community,and Travis Perkins have also helped out with some paint and glue for the Project too. Really is great to see everyone getting involved.
    Will certainly be getting in touch with Monmouthshire Youth Services soon.
    Thankyou one and all.

  5. Would like to say a BIG Thankyou to Nova Tiles of Gilwern too for continuing to provide Tiles for the OCN Accredited Mosaics Art Class for people with learning disabilities which is run by the Adult Education Team at the Community Centre, Abergavenny. This will help towards the Education Centre providing another Training Class doing Mosaic Arts at the Thursdays Trust Site.Thankyou to all involved including Ray Warren of the Thursdays Trust. We now have the first person starting at the Thursdays Trust Football Ground as Trainee Groundman.
    If anyone would like to help out with any Materials or would like to get involved in any of the Projects that will be running at the Thursdays Trust please contact me: julie.cullen@mencap.org.uk

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