Updated: Heavy rainfall affects roads across Monmouthshire

Our road network has taken quite a hit with the heavy rainfall. We have crews out all over the county helping where we can.

Here’s an update from our Highways duty officer at 21:30 on Monday 4 January:

Roads across Monmouthshire are looking good with the odd wet patches in Trellech, Mitchel Troy and Hadnock Road in Monmouth. We’ve signed and cleared the wet areas and will continue to monitor them through the night. All routes are passable and we urge you to take care if you must travel.

If you do need sandbags whilst our offices are closed, please call 0300 123 1055 and our teams will get to you as soon as possible. Please report any problems that may arise through the night with the same number.

Here’s an update from our Highways duty officer at 18:45 on Monday 4 January:

There are currently no road closures across the county and all routes are passable with care.

  • We have a team out at Hadnock Road in Monmouth who are placing signs and clearing what they can. There is water on the road but is passable with great care;
  • We have another team out at Mitchel Troy in Monmouth where we have some issues with standing water. The road is currently passable with care but we will continue to monitor and close if it gets worse.

Here’s an update from our Highways duty officer at 14:00 on Monday 4 January:

  • Four inches of water from adjacent fiends is currently covering the B4293 at Llangwm near the Bridge Inn. The road is open and passable with great care and we will continue to monitor;
  • We have ongoing issues with storm water at Goytre Village. All gullies and drains are clear but care should be taken when driving through;
  • The Monnow topped near Osbaston School last night and we had to close the road. The water has dropped and we have swept and cleaned the area this morning. The road is now open and Osbaston School should open as normal tomorrow, at this point;
  • A stream topped on the A465 Monmouth to Hereford, near Buckolt. We have swept and cleaned the area and the road is now fine to drive on;
  • A stream has topped on Jingle Street, south of Mitchell Troy. The road is passable with care;
  • A stream has topped on the B4237 Hendre to Onen. We have swept and cleaned the area and the road is now fine to drive on;
  • The old road to Abergavenny from Raglan was flooded and closed, but we have cleaned and reopened it this morning.

We distributed over a thousand sandbags last night but are not aware of any flooded properties.

The current flood alert on the Monnow and Wye rivers are still in place. We are expecting more heavy rainfall later this evening and anticipate that some roads will be affected.

We will continue to keep you updated. We are experiencing a high number of calls at the moment. If you need to contact us, please call  01291 635700 and leave a message, email us on contact@monmouthshire.gov.uk or Tweet us: @monmouthshirecc.

Here’s an update from our Highways duty officer at 21:00 on Sunday 3 January:

  • Natural Resources Wales have informed us that the Monnow at Osbaston School has flooded. We have attended the area and signed the road accordingly with a view to closing the road if the level rises. Parents of pupils at Osbaston Primary School are advised to check if the school is open before sending pupils in the morning, the current advice is that the school will remain open. Update: We’ve confirmed that the school has an INSET day on Monday and is closed to pupils anyway, parents are advised to check for Tuesday.
  • We still have flooded roads around the county but all are passable with care;
  • Reports are now tailing off and weather is easing overnight which should allow water levels to drop;
  • Highways crews are still out placing signs and clearing drains and culverts although workload is reducing.

Our Highways duty officer provided this update at 18:30 on Sunday 3 January:

  • All roads are passable with care, albeit some with extreme care;
  • We’ve received no reported flooding to properties;
  • Highways and sandbag crews have been out all day and are still working hard to keep disruption to a minimum;
  • The flooding has been throughout the County with all areas feeling some impact, this has also meant our emergency crews have been spread far and wide. We are covering a lot of miles but are still managing to get things done.

We’ll provide an update as the evening progresses.


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