Submitting FoI requests by Twitter

Last year the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said that Twitter is a valid medium for sending Fredom of Information (FoI) requests, and we are happy to receive FOIs this way via our @monmouthshirecc Twitter account.

So here is a brief description on how you can make a request for information under the FoI Act in Monmouthshire.

FoI requests need to be recorded in a permanent form, which means they are usually made by email or letter.  Unless you tell us otherwise, we would normally respond via the medium used to contact us so email requests have email responses, and letter requests have letter responses.  Responses are due within 20 working days of when we receive the request.

If you’d like to use Twitter to submit an FOI request then you will need to include in your tweet:

  • “@monmouthshirecc”: our Twitter @username so we are aware of your request
  • your name
  • your contact details (e.g. email address or home address)
  • your question

E.g. “@monmouthshirecc FOI request: What did you spend on recycling collection 2009-10? Jo Blogs,”

Of course each tweet only gives you 140 characters so you could blog your question and contact details then send us a link via Twitter. This will give you more room to elaborate.

E.g. “@monmouthshirecc FOI request:”;

The process for Twitter FoIs is:

  • our communications team receive the tweet
  • it’s sent to the FoI team who will ensure the answer is blogged or emailed within 20 working days of getting the tweet
  • if you asked for response by Twitter we will send a link to that blog post with the answer to you to the account where you made the request (or the FOI team will email or post it to you if you’d prefer)

E.g. In response to:

“@monmouthshirecc FOI request: What did you spend on recycling collection 2009-10? Jo Blogs,”

We would respond within 20 working days with:

“@joblogs Here is a response to your FoI”;

In all cases of FoI requests, where people specify how they would like their response (e.g. electronically, by post or email) we will do our best to provide the answer in that format if practical.

If you would prefer you details and question were kept private then you can use email or contact us by letter:

The Performance Monitoring Officer,
1st Floor
County Hall
Cwmbran   NP44 2XH

Monmouthshire County Council
PO Box 106
NP26 9AN

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Works update on Chepstow’s Old Wye Bridge

We have contracted a work programme to undertake some essential maintenance on the Old Wye Bridge in Chepstow.

The original works programme had a completion date of the first week of September and while works are now well underway we have experienced delays with certain items of work taking longer than expected. The contractor has submitted a revised programme with a completion date identified as early December – unfortunately later than anticipated. We have asked the contractor to examine ways of bringing this forward but he believes that this is a realistic timescale given his experience on these works.

We accept that this may not be welcome news for some but these works have not been particularly straightforward and are essential for the long term stability of this historic structure, especially ahead of the bicentennial celebrations scheduled for the bridge next year.

Chepstow Traffic Update

We’ve received some tweets, Facebook comments and calls about traffic problems in Chepstow which may be partly due to the road closure on the old Wye Bridge at the bottom of the town associated with the recently started refurbishment works of the bridge.

Our operations teams reviewed traffic management earlier and have proposed some changes which may help to alleviate the problem, however, we are anticipating that things will settle down over the next few days and furthermore the delays this morning may have been more attributed to the high winds and restrictions on the Severn Bridge.

It also seems that the traffic lights on the A48 at Tesco are not catering for the additional traffic on the A48. This operates on what is termed a SCOOT system which automatically sets the timings to traffic conditions and the Welsh Government are not easily able to adjust to allow more time to the main flow on the A48.

The traffic situation was checked last night (Wednesday, 6th May) and all seemed normal but we continue to check.

Night-time Road Closures to commence next week – 11th May 2015

Joanna Goodwin:

Heads of the Valleys road night-time closures

Originally posted on A465 Section 2:

A series of night-time road closures on the A465 Section 2 will mark the next phase of the construction programme as the initial site clearance work draws to a close. As the construction programme advances the closures will be required to facilitate the demolition of some properties and early construction activities. On the 11th May two weeks of night closures between Monday and Friday will commence to support the installation of lane barriers and some relining of the two remaining running lanes. The work can only be safely undertaken within a full closure which will commence at 21.00hrs each night and reopen before 06.00hrs.

The recommended diversion from both ends of the closure can be seen here: TTRO_15 – Full closure Brynmawr to Glanbaiden

During the course of the closures full access will be maintained through the site for emergency services vehicles which will be escorted by our traffic management team. Also…

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