Monmouthshire looks for young coders

Today, Monmouthshire hosted its first young coders day to introduce young people to the world of coding and software

codingdevelopment. The group of twenty youngsters took to the tasks naturally as they programmed and scripted various applications to solve problems.

McKenzie and Harry, budding coders of nine and twelve years old, described the day as a success: “It was awesome to see how things like Facebook and Instagram worked. We want to do more things like this so we can get paid to do it when we grow up!”

The day was planned and ran by a group of young programmers for young people, who are looking to roll out more coding days soon. Kyle and Tom who led the sessions said: “We were hoping that the Bt9eCssCcAAwNThkids who took part would enjoy the day and it’s even better that they are looking to choose coding and programming as a career. We’re looking to run more sessions in Abergavenny, Monmouth, Chepstow and Caldicot soon, especially in schools if they want us to deliver some sessions. We want to get a big group of young coders from Monmouthshire talking to eachother – who knows what could happen!”

You can contact or to get involved or find out more information for more sessions that will take place soon.


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