How we went from 22, 000 web pages to 469

A post from one of our officers, Joanna Goodwin about the developments to content on the Monmouthshire website

Joanna Goodwin

Local authority websites are notoriously huge websites with masses of content. When I started with Monmouthshire County Council in December, 2011, we had over 22,000 pages on the corporate website. This has huge implications for users- not only was the site slow and ‘clunky’ but finding any information was very difficult.

We had thousands of pages that were very poor quality. I remember we had 12 pages about home composting (who would bother reading that?!) and 6 versions of our council tax page (which is the right page?!). There was no clarity or consistency throughout the site so we took on the content.

Our first step was to look at our analytics and see what pages were popular, and which weren’t. We found that 500 pages had no hits in the past year so decided to simply delete them- no one even noticed!

After this we grouped the content to mirror our…

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