If we can help by having a cup of tea, then someone should pop the kettle on…

At Monnow Vale, we are an enthusiastic team that help and support adults with disabilities in a day centre environment.  We all take pride in the work we do, knowing we give 100% of ourselves to our jobs and get to see the impact this has on individuals in such positives, makes it all worthwhile.

Some may see us in a negative light, people who sit around drinking tea and going shopping all day.  This isn’t true, well… not really.  What we do goes beyond this; sometimes all someone needs to get them through their day, helping them understand a certain situation, is a friendly chat and a cup of tea; or the ability to do their own shopping and gain independence; make choices for themselves; even if this is as simple as choosing their own biscuits.

We might wear a top that has a teenager’s favourite band on the front, just to a spark conversation because their world may have just been made unsure. We wear it to make them feel relaxed or comfortable with us. 

If walking to feed the ducks for someone struggling with communication and to speak to them is what the person needs, then to the park we go.

We take pride in listening to every individual who comes through our doors. We will always take time to get know them. Their likes, dislikes, individual personalities.  We become friends, mentors and provide support.

As people roll down unfamiliar roads, we do everything in our power for them to get the best out of any situation, we enable, empower and most importantly engage through a way that works for each individual- nobody is ever the same or has the same needs.

Whether it’s writing in shaving foam or with a marker, or perhaps using pictures to communicate; we strive to look at a person’s abilities and how we can help. We want to help them grow as a person, empowering them to reach every goal and dream they have, and to be support to family or friends.

If we can help by having a cup of tea, then someone should pop the kettle on…

About the Author

Cerys JacksonCerys Jackson
I first started with the council when I was 16 and have since had many different job roles. I currently work in Monnow Vale as a My Day assistant and have recently started working with the innovation team and I love the challenges. I have a strong art background and specialise in communication through mixed media and sensory work.  I’m coming to the end of my college course at the minute as a trainee counsellor and have recently won artist of the year in Gwent.

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