Following by example

Everything we do on the Monmouthshire corporate website is because it is good practice, or improves the user experience. We will never develop or change anything ‘because we want to’.

The aim of GOV.UK is to bring all government information and services into one place. We developed our site in line with these principles. Mainly, we want to keep the information simple and user focused.

The design of GOV.UK has won awards based on simplicity and service delivery and cutting out some of the noise. The design doesn’t have pretty pictures or flashy designs that don’t add value that other websites, such as Ling’s cars have been recognised for.

We want to keep the site simple to ensure our users can access services quickly and effectively. We believe that if the website’s audience is residents, the content should be on a single platform. GOV.UK has cut over 1700 websites in the past year and moved the content onto it’s main website. This not only saves money but provides consistency and clarity for government services.

In Monmouthshire, we are working towards streamlining our digital services.

We strongly believe less is more and over the past 2 years, have reduced our content from over 22,000 pages to around 500. telling users what they want to know, not what we want to tell them.

The public rightly sees some departments as having their own separate identity. As such, their organisational effectiveness is enhanced by them maintaining their own websites. A good example of this is tourism websites. It is important any separate websites exist for the benefit of the user and to ensure organisational success- not because a service wants one.


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