A snapshot

We launched our new website about six months ago.

This site is our first responsive website and offers multiple benefits such as improved accessibility, open commenting, it is bilingual and has greatly improved site speed- meaning the site is much quicker in some our poor broadband areas in Monmouthshire.

We are also using the open source content management system, WordPress, this means that we are embracing our open technology standards and reducing any future costs for development. The main advantage of using WordPress is that there are online communities we can talk to and collaborate with to keep iterating and improving the site. It also means there are no restrictions in terms of suppliers- we can go to any developer or hosting company for improvements to the site, which improves our buying power.

The new site has brought a new approach to the web team. We now have Claire Lewis working with us two days a week from our Monmouthshire library service and have trained 12 officers across the organisation to work on and develop the website. This increases resilience for the web and also allows us to complete mini projects on a monthly basis.

The new site also gave us a blank canvas to quality assure everything we do- this includes maintaining broken links and spelling mistakes as well as improving the content and tone of voice.

The approach to website is very 24/7 with updates and comments happening around the clock and including weekends.


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