A fond farewell for now from a council bod

My name’s Helen and I’ve been tweeting at @MonmouthshireCC since I set it up on May 6th 2009. In five years I’ve got to know and love the tweeters of Monmouthshire and their brilliant insights on life, the county and the council.

I have a new job and now pass management of the council’s corporate social media accounts to the lovely and talented communications team.

I wanted to write a quick post to say farewell to those of you on Twitter who have got involved over the years.

I hope people have understood efforts to treat every question and conversation with equal respect, I’ve tried to be as helpful as I can in helping people understand the workings of the council – subsequently I’ve learned lots too.

I think residents and local businesses will continue and grow and work with the council to make Monmouthshire better.

Social media IS social and we show our personalities so I hope it’s ok to get personal. A special mention goes to:

@alexcstanley @_amyyyyy @annewareham @bob_shepherd @bonsors @eahardie @kymriskadraken @monnowman @tough_luxe @realpeteshuttle

Thank you for being challenging, supportive, funny, inspiring and informative – you influence and contribute to your communities in many ways and it’s great to have your input.

I’m still on Twitter over at @HelReynolds and it’d be lovely to stay in touch.

Goodbye for now!


One comment

  1. Congrats on the new post! It’s been great following Monmouthshire approach to digital and learning from it. Good luck with your future work, and we look forward to seeing how Monmouthshire Council continue to develop your work.

    – Dyfrig

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