Help Abergavenny families who can’t afford to provide a birthday cake for their children

The first cake from the Abergavenny branch of the FreeCakes community project goes out today! The group have said they’ll share information and photos from their Twitter account @FreeCakesWales later today. What a lovely project. Here’s a post from Ben Black about the group’s activities in nearby Cwmbran.

Cwmbran Life

How to volunteer

You can like the group’s page on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

“She loved having Glee and her name on it…it was much appreciated!”

“Overwhelmed and for the first time ever lost for words.”



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  1. why dont you concentrate on helping families get into work so they can afford one themselves?..oh wait this is monmouthshire council :L

  2. Hello there, thanks for your comment – I thought I’d share information about this project to highlight the great work going on out in the community.

    We do indeed work hard to help make Monmouthshire as prosperous as possible and this is has been one of our priorities as a council for some time now. We’re always looking to improve but schemes like this one for young people and our Monmouthshire Enterprise team are worth looking into for people who would would like help. ^H

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