Your business can change the course of a young person’s life

If you run a business we want you to ignite passions and give a young person a chance to gain valuable skills and build confidence to begin a brilliant career.

This programme is called Way Into Work and it’s changing lives already.

Details of how to get involved are at the end of this post.

We don’t want your money, we want your awesome skills

We help young people in our communities into employment by working with an employer to match a young person’s potential with your expertise.

A young person (aged 18-25) would be placed in your business for two weeks and you would offer an insight into the world of work and help shape and develop the rising stars of tomorrow in Monmouthshire.

This scheme is funded and run by us, Monmouthshire Housing Association and the Department for Work and Pensions. You won’t need to spend money to give an enthusiastic young spark a chance to learn about your business.

Here’s Chloe’s story

Successes so far

This stuff really works. This year we set a challenge of getting 20 young people into employment within nine months – the Way Into Work team smashed this target and helped 24 young people get employment in 24 weeks.

Our youth service team help with confidence building, motivation, and communication skills with workshops on team building and business enterprise. With 18 -24 year-olds the focus is on CV writing, job search and interview techniques.

So far we found the 18 -25 year-olds ready to engage and keen to take the next steps in their future careers but the 16 -18 year-olds were harder to reach and engage.

What kind of work has been offered so far?

Two young people gained placements with Melin Homes, three people took up volunteering opportunities and one got a Jobs Growth Wales placement with us as an Assistant Fitness Instructor at Chepstow Leisure Centre.

This is how it works

  • Job Centre Plus refer young people who are not In education or employment to the Way Into Work team.
  • The young person attends a six week course that involves four weeks of training and a two-week placement in with an employer who can help them gain skills in an area they are interested in building their career.

Ultimately it’s about helping young people helping themselves, changing their approach to the job market and coming up with different ways to approach employers and get themselves known.

Help develop Monmouthshire’s future stars – get involved

To find out how you can give a young person a placement in your business or to get more details contact Leanne Ward from our Youth Service team.

She will give you everything you need to make a positive difference to life in Monmouthshire.

Tweet her: @LeaWard or email her on:

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