Snow clearing update 23.03.12 7.50am

Here’s an update from the team out on the roads this morning.

Llanelli Hill, Blaenavon Road area: patrolled and salted all night – some 50 mm lying with local 100mm and drifting 150mm. Crew swap to fill in 7am and to continue. Local disruption but resources working hard to plough and resalt continuous. Hopefully short term. Crew from south of county diverted to Llanelli Hill.

Campston, Trellech: highground central Monmouthshire, 50mm lying and 100mm local but quite extensive. Teams out and ploughing and resalting. Extensive road lengths so may take a bit longer, crews from lower routes in central Monmouthshire diverted to help.

Devauden, Shirenewton: highground southern Monmouthshire, 20 /40mm lying, presalts clearing roads generally white with salt activated and working. High ground split between crews to presalt again where required.

Lying snow should be reduced in all but most sheltered areas. Resources have been in place over night and over the next few hours to speed this up.


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