Monmouthshire Education Futures

Looking for a more detailed write-up of this event? Try here.

Head teachers, governors, officers and councillors from our primary and secondary schools met at the Shire Hall, Monmouth on Friday 15 March 2013. Their task was to establish a common understanding of present performance and delivery of education in Monmouthshire and to agree the key aspects of an ambitious but realistic future together for education. Within this post, you can watch and listen to the key speakers who featured throughout the day.

Session 1: The reality of current performance in a world of rising expectations.

Councillor Liz Hacket-Pain, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, welcomed the group:

Brett Pugh, the Head of School Standards for the Welsh Government, outlines our performance to date:

Paul Matthews, Chief Executive Officer for Monmouthshire County Council, puts our issues into context:

Session 2: The future value we will create together in education.

Councillor Liz Hacket-Pain returns to talk about 21st Century Schools in Monmouthshire:

Louise Thomas from the Innovation Unit, talks about the future value of education from the child’s point of view. You can watch the video that Louise showed during her presentation here.

Session 3: Creating a clear picture of learning in the future.

Sarah McGuinness, Monmouthshire’s new Chief Officer for Education, introduced herself to her new colleagues:

Head Teachers, school Governors and local authority officers worked on developing Monmouthshire’s vision for education for the future. Collaboration and 21st Century learning were the key ingredients of this work.

Session 4: Making change happen fast.

Mark Fowler, Monmouthshire’s Interim Chief Officer for Education, introduced the session which will outline the need for our shared vision for education to be transformed into a strategy to be implemented into the way we work. To do this, the need to establish a Vision and Strategy Overview Group was identified to take this forward and ensure it happens quickly. This group of colleagues will be made up with representation from the county’s Head Teachers, Governors and local authority officers. This group will:

  • safeguard the overall vision and engagement;
  • lead change and ensure rapid progress;
  • foster and instigate developments and align initiatives.

Posted by Dan from the 21st Century Schools team.



  1. Fantastically informative of MCC to video and share these presentations for the public to digest. As a parent I find what was said reassuring regarding the Estyn report but also inspiring regarding the way Monmouthshire is looking to the future.
    From a professional film makers point of view, just one tip – switch the camera exposure from auto to manual if you can. Get it correctly exposed for the speaker and then zoom out to include the PowerPoint. This means the aperture won’t close down and you will see both presenter and PowerPoint.

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