Noticed some cameras appearing around roads in Monmouthshire?

A few people have asked us about some new cameras popping up around the south of the county. The cameras have been put up by Count On Us with permission from Welsh Government and they are for a camera based traffic survey at junction 23A and some other local roads.  So those cameras are there to collect data about traffic.

This is seperate from our upgrade of the CCTV around Monmouthshire. These CCTV cameras are being upgraded from a BT line connection to Radio Link technology between the cameras and the hub.  For those of us (like me) who aren’t experts in CCTV, this means that the cameras will largely remain where they were but we have the flexibilty to reposition the cameras if required and we’ll have an increased quality of images.

We’ll be back in a week or so with a post from Andrew Mason, our Project Officer who deals with Anti Social Behaviour, about what the CCTV does and why it’s useful in Monmouthshire.

By Hel



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