Monmouthshire gritting news #gwentsnow

Gritter at Goetre
Snow ploughing in Goetre

Posted 13.09 on 22/0/13

Our fantastic gritting crews were out last night preparing for the snowfall. The main work has been where the snowfall is heaviest – the north of the county. The south hasn’t been hit too badly.

Since Thursday morning we have run 24 hour shifts in dedicated highway gritters.

Shifts have involved in excess of two dozen people paired up in the dedicated highway gritters. Friday saw 100 or so non highway personnel, (refuse, grounds maintenance etc. ) working long daytime hours clearing paths, schools, care homes, hospitals and pedestrian precincts etc.

On Friday contractors provided specialist vehicles, including tractors, ploughs and excavators. Saturday saw a further few dozen non- highway personnel continue to clear and salt paths etc. Daytime and nightime work continued on Sunday and through to Tuesday morning. We expect to maintain 24hr shifts until warmer weather, with reduced threat of snow, arrives near the weekend.

As of yesterday morning, we had the following salt stocks:

  • Raglan           = 1600 tonnes
  • Llanfoist        = 2000 tonnes
  • Manor Farm   = 1500 tonnes
  • B/Gwent       =  2000 tonnes (this is a shared depot, but the salt mentioned is ours)

 This is a total of 7200 tonnes, but a further 500 tonnes was delivered yesterday, taking us up to 7900 tonnes. It’s worth remembering that we started this winter with a stock of 10,000 tonnes. And up until two years ago, we started the winter with 7500 tonnes (and never ran out).

We’ll aim to keep you updated on all things grit and snow – please stay warm and take care out there.


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