Freezing temperatures don’t put off Monmouthshire’s young people

The snow may have kept many of us indoors but Monmouthshire’s young people weren’t put off by the freezing temperatures. They joined forces with the council’s highways team to get out in their communities and help clear the snow from the streets.

Young people clearing snow from street

In Abergavenny, snow was cleared from residential care areas to make it safer for people who needed to leave their house.

Young people in snowy Abergavenny

We had international help from two of our students: Cedric from France and Lucas from Germany.

International students helping clear snow

Everyone toughed it out as the snow continued to fall.

Clearing snow as it continued to fall

Tracey Thomas from the Youth Service was so impressed with everyone’s dedication:

‘I am so proud of all the youth staff who managed to walk in to keep the services open for young people and even more so that they along with young people have used this time to help out in the community. It is great to see the young people taking responsibility to help the older residents in our communities in times of extreme weather.’

Thanks everyone!

by Jess


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