Liveblog: Incident at Caldicot Castle

14.38 There has been an incident this morning at Caldicot Castle. We own and run the facility as a tourism attraction.

This morning, a woman visiting the area fell as she was entering the castle over the access drawbridge. The fall is a considerable height.

We can confirm that she was conscious following the fall but has been taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital for assessment.

We don’t have any details at this time on the nature of injuries that the lady has suffered.

The police were called to the scene as where the Health and Safety Executive with statements being taken from witnesses.

Our primary concern at this time is for the welfare of the woman involved. This is the second serious incident to have taken place within our facilities this week. We can confirm that the two are absolutely unrelated.

We’ll update here as information becomes available.

15.12 We’ve had information that the woman concerned is aged 66 and that the height of the fall is around 15ft.

19.10 The site of the fall has been secured with temporary fencing and we anticipate the castle will be open tomorrow as usual, however the main entrance may not be in use.

21.31 Here’s Leader of the Monmouthshire County Council, Councillor Peter Fox on the incident that happened today in Caldicot Castle:

26 October 2012,  16:30 Caldicot Castle is open but the drawbridge has been closed. You can access the castle via a side entrance. See diagram:

Map of Caldicot Castle grounds

29 October 2012, 13:39 The castle is open as usual but with entrance via the side doors whilst temporary works are completed on the drawbridge. It is envisaged those temporary works will be completed this week and then the drawbridge will be available for use.

The last day of the normal opening season is Wednesday 31st October. The castle is then open for specific events and banquets throughout the remainder of the year. Details of which can be found on the castle website and for banquets on

30 October 2012, 12:25 We understand that the woman involved in the incident has been discharged from hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery.


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