Answer to questions on planning and streetlights from a resident on Twitter

We’ve had a few questions that are more easily answered here rather than trying to squeeze it all into 140 character tweets.

@monmouthshirecc Chepstow street lights on all day, what happened to new sensors?

We didn’t have any locations for the lights out that you reported but our streetlight officer checked our Leafnut system and there were 19 lights out: 9 of them in Chepstow. All 19 are being fixed. 

However, if the lights where you live are not on the system they will remain out/day burning until reported, the old sox lanterns are not part of the system yet and are still on time switch control. 

We’re sorry these things aren’t always perfect and we always appreciate people letting us know when they see faults, especially if they can give us details of where the lights are.

You can report faulty street lights on our website.

Phil in our planning team answered your other question:

Local community and town councils on average recommend approval of around 80% of applications in their area. Some of this 15% disparity is resolved by Monmouthshire County Council requiring amendments to an application which leads to the community council’s initial objection being satisfied. However, it is fair to say that the local councils do recommend refusal of a greater number of applications than are actually refused by the county council.

We don’t have access to the figures for the costs of community and town council meetings unfortunately and so this would be better answered by them individually.

Hope that helps!

Posted by Helen


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