Survey: can you help us get better at using social media?

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We think social media isn’t just a place where people talk about their breakfast but an important way to start conversations with people in Monmouthshire and take part in discussions.

Using social media, we’re part of an online network of Monmouthshire people so we can get involved in Monmouthshire life.

Maria Loupa, who works for Northumberland County Council, is doing an MA dissertation on social media use by local government and is asking you to fill out a survey about how social media is being used in Monmouthshire.  The questions ascertain what you think works/doesn’t work on social media.


Maria has said she’ll share her findings with us and we’re delighted to hear suggestions about what you want to talk about and what works for you. We will publish what the results were here when Maria has collated the results and finished her dissertation.

Of course you can leave feedback on this blog too.

A list of some of the social media accounts you can talk to us on is here and I’ll be blogging soon about other places where Monmouthshire conversations go on that you may be interested in.



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