Enterprising Monmouthshire [infographic]

Here’s a post from Kellie Beirne, our Chief Officer for Regeneration and Culture, on what’s happening in business in Monmouthshire.
“Enterprise is very important to us here in Monmouthshire.  Times are challenging economically but I see this as no reason not to stretch ourselves here at the council. We’ve departed with the ‘old way’ of having  a traditional economic development department and we now have Monmouthshire Enterprise – a team of skilled business experts who have more independence and permission to make changes that will give our business community the support it deserves.

Monmouthshire Enterprise have blown me away with the way they’ve smashed their targets and we’ve put together an infographic (a graphic showing facts and figures) with the key areas we’re most proud of. Of course, we are lucky here in Monmouthshire that we have people living here who are entrepreneurial, talented and not afraid of getting stuck into some really inspiring projects. We are proud to be supporting that spirit and we want to help as many people who want to make it in business to live out their dream.  These figures represent those people who are contributing to making Monmouthshire great, creating jobs and showing the world we are first class.

The fantastic thing about the successes of businesses in Monmouthshire is that the benefits cascade down to everyone in Monmouthshire and we can all be a part of this success story.”

Key facts

·         Number of new businesses started in the 12 months = 57 against a target of 29

·         Potential turnover of start-ups was  £3.6m against a target of £1.1m

·         Total start-up funding raised to date is £784k against a target of £331k

·         Funding raised for existing companies was £565k from public sources and £1.178m from private sources

·         185 jobs created in total for new and existing businesses against a target of 45

·         21 jobs were safeguarded throughout Monmouthshire.

·         Inward investment projects created 49 jobs with a vast number additional enquiries worth over £7m and if successful will create a further 300 new jobs.

·         250 Monmouthshire firms attended’ How to tender workshops’ with over 150 receiving 1-2-1 advice.

·         There were 250 attendances at start-up business training courses.

Are you a business owner in Monmouthshire or are you thinking of starting up? Did you take part in any of the Monmouthshire Enterprise training? We’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Kellie,
    I am an Employment Co-ordinator working for Mencap and Monmouthshire Social Service Learning Disability Team. I have linked in with various Businesses in Monmouthshire to provide opportunities for people with Disability and I am so happy to see how some Businesses really try and help out. I am currently working with the Thursdays Football Trust who are now providing people with the opportunity to gain Training and Workplacement at their Grounds. There is a Cafe Project starting there providing catering and Hospitality to people with NVQ Training alongside, we have also now started a Painting and Decorating Project there to enable people to access Training in this field with training provided by a qualified decorator, we have many other projects starting soon and the Thursdays may become one of the biggest Training venues in Monmouthshire, and will also become less of an eyesore with the revamp. It would be great to have an input from Monmouthshire C.C on this also as there are many opps for the Community to engage with and for other projects throughout to link in with. if you would like to get in touch my num is: 07884174504..julie cullen

  2. It’s great to see enterprise and regeneration going great guns in Monmouthshire ….. but there’s still a lot that can be done in the next 3 years, for example a digital hub. This could be a social space for people with digital start ups to drop in and exchange ideas, collaborate and even access equipment or super speed broadband. What do you think?

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