Students of all abilities get involved in Monmouthpedia

Volunteers and students at Swancraft Studios, Monmouth did their bit for Monmouthpedia this week when they handed the ceramic plaques with QRpedia codes to locals for display around the town.

Swancraft Studios, Monmouth’s own art and ceramics studio, is a council funded enterprise where people of all levels of ability are inspired and supported in the creative arts.

The team at Swancraft Studios were called upon to help with the world’s first Wikipedia project to cover a whole town by local man John Cummings.

John, who came up with the idea of Monmouthpedia, didn’t forget the studios where volunteered before university and asked them to get involved in making plaques for the town.

Cathy Yeates is the fab Project Leader at Swancraft Studios, was filmed in a short video and explained how they got involved.  She said:

“Our students and volunteers worked together to make the plaques and it’s fantastic to be involved. Monmouthpedia is brilliant for Monmouth.”

Monmouthpedia uses use QRpedia codes around the town, a type of bar code a smartphone can read through its camera that takes people to a Wikipedia article. QR codes are extremely useful, as physical signs have no way of displaying the same amount of information and in a potentially huge number of languages.

Our council’s Chief Officer for Regeneration and Culture, Kellie Beirne, said:

“Lots of people from the council , the community and various groups and bodies have got involved in Monmouthpedia, it’s absolutely great.  Swancraft have done a lovely job and they obviously take great pride in their work.”

Photos of the codes cropping up all over town can be downloaded and freely used from the council Flickr account

For more information email:, follow Monmouthpedia on Twitter @Monmouthpedia or join the Monmouthpedia Facebook group

Monmouthpedia Monmouth School for Girls


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