Monmouthpedia – so what’s in it for local businesses?

As we get closer to launch day (this Saturday 19th May), here’s an explanation of what Monmouthpedia means for our local economy.


 What is it?

  • Monmouthpedia has put Monmouth on the map as the world’s first Wikipedia project to cover a whole town.
  • Monmouthpedia will use QRpedia codes around the town, a type of bar code a smartphone can read through its camera that takes you to a Wikipedia article. QR codes are extremely useful, as physical signs have no way of displaying the same amount of information and in a potentially huge number of languages.
  • Monmouthpedia belongs to and can be contributed to by everyone and involves people from all over the world contributing their time and knowledge.
  • Monmouthpedia will give visitors and locals an unparalleled experience of the place.

How could it work for you?

  • Monmouthpedia will attract a great deal of interest and footfall in the town. More people could mean more business for you.
  • As people tour the town, taking in knowledge about the buildings, history and the…

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