The big secret behind Breakin’ Out: Sharon’s story

The Breakin’ Out Festival is not only a fantastic event for people to see the UK’s finest urban music acts and take part in cutting edge, fun sports. It’s also there to launch a website that will offer support to young people from people who have been through tough times themselves. Here’s the story behind it all.

Breakin' Out Festival

We’ve been making some noise about the festival for a few months now – but we did keep one thing up our sleeve.

Here’s the big secret.

The inspirational woman who has made all of this happen is doing it to help people who are suffering with drink and drug problems, eating disorders, bullying and self-harm.

Sharon Lewis, who came up with the whole Breakin’ Out idea is an ex-addict and she’s been kind enough to share her story with us below – massive respect to her for being such a legend.

On the day of the festival, we’ll be launching the website which will give online support to anyone who wants it.

Alcohol won’t be sold or brought into the festival and it’s going to be a safe place to have a laugh, listen to top tunes and play some sports.

We were a bit afraid some people…

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