Rewind story: pop up shops – a good idea pushed by people who want it

People in Chepstow are working together to give aspiring artists and creative people a place to grow their ideas and show what they do.

The project uses empty shops as a temporary home for people who want to make use of space to start businesses, hold meetings or exhibit their work.

The project was born from a chat that Principal Training Manager, John McConnachie, had with a local pub landlady.

John has been working differently having taken part in the council intrapreneurship school and has a focus on connecting with his community to work in better ways.

Here he explains how it worked and why he’s doing it:

John has seen a change in culture encouraged by the intrepraneurship school that has allowed him to get the project rolling.


One comment

  1. What a fabulous idea and one I’m sure that Mencap could link in with, as the Mencap Berkley centre in Chepstow provide a range of Artwork Projects for people with Learning Disabilities to become involved with. Very Interesting and something everyone should get involved with.
    Julie Cullen
    Employment Co-ordinator
    Mencap Cymru, Monmouthshire

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