Rewind Story: Bringing Breakin’ Out urban music festival to Monmouthshire

Young music fans from Monmouthshire and beyond will soon see the UK’s biggest urban music acts playing in Abergavenny thanks to the vision of three local people.

Breakin’ Out is an urban music festival for young people aged between 11 and 25 and it will be held in Abergavenny’s Baily Park on June 16th, the festival headliners include Tinchy Stryder, Skepta and Chip AKA Chipmunk.

The event is being organised by local woman Sharon Lewis with the support of local community groups and council officers Dan Davies of the Monmouthshire Youth Service and Lisa Knight-Davies of the council One Stop Shops.

The event will be huge fun for young people and see local sixth formers being trained as stewards for the day plus a stage for local talents to show what they can do.

All great but also, the event aims to support young people who may have problems or questions about alcohol or substance abuse. In this video the Breakin’ Out three – Dan, Lisa and a very inspiring Sharon – explain more about this as well as why they’re doing it and how the council has supported the event.

Tinchy Stryder will never have played a gig like it. He’ll be entertaining young people from around the county and have beautiful views of the Blorenge – but also he will know he has contributed to a legacy of informed choices for young people in the county.

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