Rewind story: The vision for Kate’s farm

Monmouthshire has a new farming business in pretty Penallt which has the potential to become a UK centre for agricultural tourism and a hub of activity for the county.

Kate Humble and her husband, Ludo Graham, have taken on a farm that was owned by the council and earmarked for sale.

Kate Humble, who has become well known for her programmes on farming, wildlife and rural affairs, and her TV producer husband Ludo have lived in Monmouthshire for the past four years.

Instead of selling the farm, council officers worked with the couple and listened to their ideas. Kate and Ludo have come up with a plan that will have some exciting and unusual outcomes for people in Monmouthshire and the scheme involves an innovative joint venture under which the authority retains a 30% interest in the holding as an investment.

This video describes the vision: Kate and Kellie Beirne explain the plan and the change in thinking at the council that helped this exciting venture kick off.

Read more about the project from Kate in her column in the Telegraph and a video following the tenant farmer.

Posted by Helen in the communications team


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