Severnside Total Place; have your say

Monmouthshire is changing the way we engage with people throughout the county, with the ‘your county your way’ ethos at the heart of what we do. The Severnside Total Place project is a perfect example of involving the community in changes that need to take place.

Navigant Consulting will be assisting with the development of the project but community support and involvement is crucial. Your local knowledge of community needs and aspirations, of what’s worked and what hasn’t, will be extremely important in developing future plans. We’d like to invite you to share your thoughts on the key issues facing the Severnside area and to suggest potential actions required to tackle these.

The project will comprise of three key stages:

  1. An initial analysis of the Severnside area to assess its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  2. Identification and evaluation of a number of key actions to deliver change and improvement to peoples everyday lives,
  3. A project plan to align actions and arrangements for future working to provide for its successful and sustainable realisation.

By the end of April we hope to have established an ambitious but deliverable set of action points to improve the quality of life for those living in Severnside. Each of these actions will have a clear plan for implementation, including identification of the key organisations and individuals responsible for making them happen.

The consultation will encompass the views of a wide cross-section of the community, including businesses, residents and voluntary sector. Your help in shaping our priorities and encouraging engagement is invaluable.

There will be a number of opportunities to have your say. You are invited to meet the team face to face and discuss your views at Caldicot Methodist Church on Wednesday 22 February between 4pm and 6.30pm. Future events will also be scheduled to give you this opportunity.

Alternatively you can connect with us through this blog, on Twitter or you can email also email the project leads Jon Lloyd Owen or Chris Ashman to share your views. You can also contact them by telephone on 07792 256498 or 07508 523199.

However you want to do it, please get in touch and have your say; we want to hear your views on your terms.



  1. Hi Jon/Chris,

    I am just completing a Total Place project in Somerset focused on High Contact Families. Not in our brief, but very much in our learning was the need to build in the community dimension to any future services redesign in the future. I am presently helping districts in Somersetscope/blue-print further roll ot initiatives to build on our project’s initial learning. Each are keen to build in and utilise the community aspect of developemnt, so I would be keen to stay in touch and learn from you guys. Happy to share any of our learning if you are interested, plus I have been engaged in some national learning on the community aspect which I have found insightful.

    Kind regards

    Gary Hancox

  2. Thanks Gary

    Would be keen to here more about your learning and share messages re severnside as project moves forward

    Perhaps a phone call later this week? when woud be convenient for you?

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