Calling all Monmouthshire people! Please keep March 3rd free to improve your county

Do you think your council really understands the things that matter to you about life in Monmouthshire?  Here’s your chance to talk to Monmouthshire Council officers about whatever it is that matters to you.
Photo by D'Arcy Norman

Come to a big tent event!

The big tent events are a new kind of conversation between council officers and people of Monmouthshire.  ’Your places, your way‘ is the first event of this kind where we host a genuine dialogue between staff at Monmouthshire council and the people of Monmouthshire.

We know how important places are to people in Monmouthshire. Whether it’s your neighbourhood, your village hall, the local leisure centre, the library, or your town.

Many of the services the council delivers have an impact or influence over those places, and we would like to start a conversation around the issues that are important to you when it comes to places.

This won’t be like other discussions you’ve had with the council. This will be an open space session. That means you get to decide what you want to talk about, what matters to you is what the agenda will be. At the end we will decide together what are the most important points from the conversation to take forward.

Monmouthshire needs you to speak up and get involved in your places.

The event takes place at Castle Park Primary School in Caldicot on Saturday March 3rd from 9.30am – 4pm.  Refreshements will be provided.

Please register here:

For more information on the council’s new approach to working, read this blog post ‘Your county, your way’.

Posted by Helen in the communications team


One comment

  1. The idea is great, to organise events that offer realtime interaction between governemental bodies and citizens.

    Not so enthusiastic we are with the idea to have citizens register via a non-dataprotecting online platform. ‘Eventbrite’ collects and trades all possible data the browser shows, like IP-adress, number of the used device, operating system and browser-type. This set of data must be seen as ‘personal data’ because in most cases it traces back to 1 or 2 persons. UK govs should develop registration systems that do not track!

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