The Monmouthshire rewind stories

We are working hard on a project that aims to enhance and share the lessons we are learning from working in new ways. You can read more about this project below.

To illustrate the results of this new way of working, over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a number of case studies called the ‘rewind stories’. These will trace a path back from:

  • a resident or partner who has been affected by our work and the effect on that person’s life
  • to look at what happened and who helped to make that resident achieve the result
  • then rewinding right back to the thinking and changes in the council that allowed led to the result of a changed life.
As we post each story we’ll link to them here.

 Amy talks to streetlighting officer and becomes a star


 Fostering communication with Yammer

Breakin’ Out urban music festival comes to Monmouthshire

The world’s first Wikipedia town in Monmouthshire

Making a splash with underwater photography


The vision for Kate’s farm


Creative Councils

‘Creative Councils’ National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) has selected seventeen councils to go through to the next stage of their Creative Councils programme. Over the next few months, these councils will receive practical support to challenge and develop their idea. Monmouthshire County Council has been selected as one of the councils in this programme.

The project is about giving Monmouthshire staff the time, skills and permission to work in a more thoughtful way, with a focus on joining and working with communities of interest and improving lives. Officers are now supported to find new approaches to problems.

We are cultivating entrepreneurship within the organisation and pushing the importance of giving people space and permission to think and do differently with the confidence to question and change policy and practices that don’t feel like good value. The plan allows employees to take what they know and are passionate about in their personal and social lives and bring these skills to work – using the knowledge and instincts of the whole person and not just their work persona.

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  1. Reblogged this on Whose Shoes? and commented:
    Innovative community engagement work happening in Monmouthshire! New Whose Shoes? customers too! Really looking forward to woorking with people who are prepared to try new approaches to learning and engagement!

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