Help with the race online and pledge an hour

Sunday is 30 October – the clocks go back and everyone in the UK has an extra hour. We’re backing the Give an Hour campaign which asks the 30 million people in the UK to use this hour to help someone get online.

If you’d like to get somebody more confident online there is great information on the Give an Hour website:

We’re really excited by the way getting online helps people talk to each other and how it can keep people informed and let them get involved with their communities.

We are working to make sure people can talk to us in digital ways and we’ll be back here soon with details of things like more social media surgeries and other plans for how you can get involved with improving digital skills.

Another part of our plans is supporting the Race Online 2012 challenge.

Race Online 2012 is a challenge to everyone to make the UK nation in the world where everyone can use the web.

The UK has 40 million adult internet users, with 30 million people using the web every day.

However, there are 8.7 million adults in the UK who have never used the internet – the combined size of the entire population of the UK’s five biggest cities. (Source:

We’d love to hear if you have pledged an hour or tell us anything else you think we can do to get Monmouthshire and the UK online.


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