Ready for ice and snow

We’re now braced for the first icy blast of what we’re promised will be another severe winter.

Road salt in storage at Llanfoist

We’ve got 10,000 tonnes of road salt in stock – previously, we have maintained a stock of 7,500 tonnes. Although we have never run out of road salt, or been in serious danger of doing so, the experience of the past two winters led us to increase our stock levels. We will order more road salt as conditions dictate.

It’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t matter when you put your order in. Once the weather gets really bad the distribution is handled by the Welsh Government and done on the basis of need. Since we were never in serious danger of running out of road salt, we were shifted down the waiting list in favour of authorities that were about to run out. This is despite having put orders in earlier than many others!

By way of comparison, this time last year we had a stock of 6,500 tonnes. We were still waiting for a final delivery to bring us up to 7,500 tonnes.

Monmouthshire’s highway network is about 1,600km (994 miles). We apply road salt to about a third of it – 530km (329 miles), about the same distance as London to Edinburgh.

We’ll keep you updated on the hard work our people do to keep our road network open through the promised ice and snow.

Gritters at Llanfoist

Posted by Helen in the communications team.


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